case management

case management is a 100% customizable support program, driven exclusively by the clients needs


Clients are assigned a case manager whom they work with closely to accomplish goals set by the client

these goals are typically recovery oriented, and many times include goals for every day, insurance, social services, family dynamics, and self improvement.

why choose case management?

case management can be a vital addition to anyone's course of treatment


 Below are just a few of the areas clients benefit from having a case manager

client driven 

It is important for clients to identify their own priorities and set goals


We support them through this process and help them stay organized and focused


case managers understand the addiction and recovery process

this allows them to foresee problems and apply solutions for our clients

point of contact

when you are new in recovery you meet a lot of people who are trying to help

case managers give our clients a single point of contact so they can stay on track


in early recovery it can seem like there is too much to do and it is too confusing

a case manager is not just a support system, they are advocates for their clients


everyone in early recovery has a unique situation

our case managers adapt to focus on the varying needs of their clients no matter how complex


much of the recovery process is facilitated in a therapeutic  process 

case management  focuses  on practical solutions to every day problems


part of the recovery process is connecting with a community

case management helps clients plug in to vital recovery resources and healthy lifestyle options

social services

many clients depend on a confusing and     complicated system of services

a case manager helps clients find, use, and organize their social service dependence

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