Pura Vida Sober Living Homes and the Calder Family are proud to announce a scholarship in the name of one of our beloved residents Casey Calder.

The PayPal account for your contributions can be found by clicking the contribute button in the top right corner of the page. This account is administered by Pura Vida Sober Living Homes and the Calder Family.

Because we are not a non-profit company, we cannot accept "donations." As such, your contribution to this scholarship fund will purchase a portion of a scholarship for a new resident to gain entry to Pura Vida. 

PayPal charges a small fee to process your contribution, but Pura Vida Sober Living Homes will match this amount as a gift so that 100% of your contribution goes directly to a scholarship.


Casey cared about others more than he did for himself. He would do anything to see others laugh and wanted the best for those around him. In the end, he was not able to ease his own pain from this disease. Our hearts are broken, but our souls know that he is finally at peace.

-Chris, Terry, Ali & Danielle 

The Calder Family remembers fondly the time that Casey lived at Pura Vida Sober Living Homes. In their words, "It was the happiest we had seen Casey in years." 

In an attempt to help other people achieve the same level of happiness the Calder Family and Pura Vida are proud to offer this scholarship to worthy candidates.

This scholarship will cover a portion-of, or full housing costs, for up to three months for new residents at Pura Vida Sober Living Homes.

If you are a prospective resident in need of sober living, but cannot afford it, please click the button below.

You will be directed to a page with a form to fill out explaining why you need a scholarship and how it will benefit your recovery.

Scholarship applicant applications will be reviewed by Pura Vida Staff and the Calder Family.

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